Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Five Minutes Twenty-Seven Seconds of Happiness


Bill Dunphy said...

Thanks for the video - it was delightful. I came here via your news biz blog, actually landed on it about one hour after you posted that piece because I was trying to learn more about you after having been tipped to your exchange with Jeff Jarvis via Twitter. That was a powerful and very useful exchange - the echo chamber needs breaching more often, I think. I'm wondering, is there any chance you could implement RSS feeds on your blogs? You'd reach a lot of people - especially with the Etaoin Shrdlu blog that would otherwise not remember to visit you too often... Regardless, please stick with it - we need a real variety of voices in this field and you've got things worth saying.

Kathleen and Peter said...

That was smile-inducing, thank you!/