Sunday, September 18, 2011

A bounty of chilies


Thank God for the chili pepper harvest, which will be the most productive crop at Redwing Ranch this fall.

The whole kitchen garden has done well, and our apples and jujube fruit (Chinese dates) are producing. But stone fruits and cherries are sparse to absent after the strange spring weather (late rains, hail, chill). Our mature olive trees (our big producers) are still recovering from the olive knot that came in on something from the nursery last winter and are not setting much fruit. (Thank God they are recovering, though).

But the chills Barb tried for the first time this year are happy, abundant and delicious. Pictured here, clockwise from the top right, are  jalapeƱos, Anchos, Garden Salsas and Joe E. Parkers. The super abundant Garden Salsas were an incidental purchase at a hardware store one day but have been both the best producers and are particularly hot and tasty. 

The Joe E. Parkers were ordered from the University of New Mexico and have been a successful pioneer crop that will no doubt encourage us to extend the New Mexico stock next year.

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