Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I need some online marketing advice about my book, please

I need some online marketing advice, please.

My Alaska journalism memoir (“Write Hard, Die Free”) is to be released in the spring. I plan to supplement and support it extensively online, and it's time to establish the website for that.

I can’t afford the domain writehard.com, which is being offered for $1,400 by some reseller, and the domain writeharddiefree.com (which I do own) seems too clumsy.

Although pretty much any writehard.[otherdomain] is available, in general I’ve found anything other than .com domains far less useful. (I sometimes use howard.weaver.org and even I can’t remember to type .org instead of .com). I did buy writehard.info because it was so cheap.

So: what should I do?

I have a Write Hard, Die Free Facebook page. I have howardweaver.com and could host something there, like howardweaver.com/writehard. As I mentioned, I also havewriteharddiefree.com and writehard.info.

Possibilities I’ve considered: writehard.org or .me or .us. Maybe writehardbook.com ornewspaperwar.com?

What seems best? If you have information about best practices or simply ideas/opinions, it would help to hear from you. Easiest for me is howard.weaver(at)gmail.com.


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