Monday, April 18, 2011

Tomato time at the Redwing gardens


Days have warmed and Barb grows restless: this is one result. She planted about a half-dozen varieties of tomatoes this week. There are beans and lettuce in the ground already, too, with melons, peppers and other vegetables yet to come.

She's also been busy with weeding, mowing, spraying and irrigation repairs. Old pals Craig and Suzanne Goodrich from Alaska and brother David from Hawaii were here for a week and proved yeomen field hands. Barb thinks we're in pretty good shape for the coming season.

There's some peach leaf curl in the orchard despite asiduous application of copper this winter. I'm hope for those trees anyhow, and the rest of the fruit looks mighty promising.

Farmers, of course, know better than to hope for too much.

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