Sunday, September 5, 2010

An abundance of fruit

We harvested fruit again on Friday morning — an abundance of Flavor King pluots, Golden Delight nectarines and two kinds of peaches: Fay Alberta (large, relatively scarce on the branches) and a wild peaches on a maturing tree grown from  a seedling given to us by our friend Colin Dingwall. It's as astonishing producer; the fruit is not especially attractive but it's flavorful.

We sorted fruits for immediate eating; ripening; and "other uses," which may include drying, freezing or processing into jam/jelly/syrup.

The small, almost nut-like green fruit shown here still on the branches is juube, famous along the Silk Road, in Pakistan, India and Lebanon. It's not ripe, though Barb swears she knows what to do with it when it is. 

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