Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The New Liberal Arts

What are the new liberal arts? What does "a liberal arts education" imply nowadays?

That's a discussion educated people everywhere need to be engaged in, helping define what we mean when we think and talk about equipping citizens for life in our times. New Liberal Arts can kick start that conversation.

This slim volume offers a place to stand while pondering, and a few observations about what's worth looking at. You'll encounter thinkers of surprising range and ideas of surprising depth. Chances are you will find it a beginning, certainly not an end.

"Intelligenda longa, vita brevis should be a motto of the information age – life is short, but long indeed the list of things to be known in it." (Richard Lanham, The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology, and the Arts" 1989.

Start learning, thinking and knowing.

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