Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beauty is function expressed as form

I think this is simply beautiful. Remember, though, that I'm a guy who has watched a movie about a typeface more than once.

Click image to expand. Thanks, Matt, for the pointer.


-30- said...

Where the hell is CA SR-99, the pungent artery that connects the 3 Bee newspapers (and a Sun-Star) to the areas they serve. Sheesh!

Howard said...

Uh, Highway 99 isn't an interstate.

Dan Day said...

Now I know why it always seemed to take forever to get from Chicago to Des Moines.

And Interstate 43 doesn't rate? Sheboygan has been left off the grid!

Anonymous said...

I like the chart. Glad to know I-95 now goes through Raleigh!